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Coming this summer! With the humans she collected in Twister: Eye Level sleeping safely on the Mothership, and with the snakes she collected being studied there, Amanda's adventure continues. She's rejoined by Choopie, Braxxie, and Mothie as she meets the Reptaurr threat in space combat. Battle your way through space to reach an enemy base in this story-driven retro space shooter.


She's remembered by earthlings who knew her as an undisciplined underachiever. Now she's known to extraterrestrials as an undisciplined underachiever. But whether you're human or extraterrestrial, she might just save your life, your species, and your planet itself! She's skilled enough to fly advanced alien ships, and short enough to fit in their cockpits. If you blame the evil Reptaurr horde for stealing the last bottle of cold, refreshing MK Ultra from Amanda's fridge, she might just be motivated enough to hunt down their genetic experimentation facility and destroy it. Hey, it's worth a shot, anyway. The future of two planets may very well depend on it.

KNUBLIX ("Choopie")

Like Amanda, Knublix finds the personnel on the Mothership to be the only creatures in the universe who understand and appreciate him. Unlike PLUBEX and ETHAHX, "Choopie" doesn't yet have humans celebrating his visits with festivals. That's because Choopie most often appears when Reptaurrs have attempted to use snakes to poison animals, in an effort to disrupt the human food supply. This unfortunate occurence has one grisly resolution...exsanguination of the contanimated animals. That's how Knublix became known to humans worldwide as the Chupacabra, or "goat-sucker." Even so, no human hates Choopie as much as the Reptaurrs do.

PLUBEX ("Braxxie")

Don't call him a monster. When the Reptaurrs attempted to sieze land and weapons in West Virginia in the 1950's, Plubex was there to track them. Though his visit was cut short by an encounter with humans, "Braxxie" was still able to stop the snakes he found. More importantly, he relayed vital data back to the Mothership. Once processed, the information was used to accurately predict the snakes' intended ETHAHX could be successfully deployed there a decade later to intercept. Regardless of what names he's called by humans, Braxxie will still use his scientific abilities in their defense.

ETHAHX ("Mothie")

This fearsome warrior almost singlehandedly repelled a sustained assault by snakes for about a year in the 1960's. That earned him a permament place in the hearts and minds of humans as the legendary Mothman. It also made Ethahx the most hated enemy of the Reptaurr horde, above even Knublix and Plubex. His combination of strength, size, and speed enable Mothie to hunt snakes from the air or defeat biped Reptaurrs in hand-to-hand combat. Mothie embraces the distinction of being the most-hated enemy of the Reptaurrs. But he also believes there's a small human pilot who might one day claim that spot for herself.

??? ("G")

"G" is how Amanda refers to the mysterious being who gives her missions and provides guidance as she completes them. He interacts using long-distance telepathy, and is therefore able to communicate flawlessly with individuals or even groups. G tells Amanda the Reptaurrs hope to take over Earth and use its weapons and resources to conquer G's world. That is why G's planet reached out to Earth's leaders and established the Treaty. In compliance with the agreement, G has coordinated continuous "collections" of humans over the years. This practice ensures that there are always a small number of humans in the protection of the awesome Mothership. The "guests" could, if needed be used to repopulate the the event of a nuclear war, successful Reptaurr invasion, or other catastrophe. Since they haven't been needed for that, the humans are always returned to Earth with wiped memories. G says it's getting more difficult to keep the existence of both extraterrestrial factions secret. But he also says that his biggest challenge is trying to get Amanda to realize her potential.